Vinho Verde Specified Region


“In the vast territory of Northwest portugal an exuberant green mantle comes down from the mountains, covers the inland valleys, extending through to the plains and reaching to the sea.(…) over the wider horizonof the landscape, greens stands out as the most important identifying feature of the whole region”. ( Manuel Carvalho)


The Vinho Verde Specified Region (VVSR) one of the oldest in Portugal was originally demarcated by law on 18.September.1908 and corresponds to the geographic area of the Appellations of Origin that are the responsibility of CVRVV to certify.

The present VVRS covers the whole North-West of Portugal at an altitude less than 700 meters in the region traditionally know as “Entre-Douro-e-Minho” ( between the Douro and Minho rivers ) and occupies a total area of about 34.000 hectares of vineyards corresponding to around 15% of the Portuguese wine-growing area. It’s geographical boundaries are naturally defined as:

·         In the North by the river Minho which takes part of the Spain border

·         In the South by  the river Douro and the Freita. Arada and Montemuro mountains ranges

·         In the East by the Peneda, Gerês,Cabreira and Marao ranges

·         In the West by the Atlantic coast

Vinho Verde Like no Other !