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Direct From Portugal

Extra-Virgin and Biologic Olive Oil


Olive oil is not just an oil, such as cheese is never "just cheese". There is as much depth and character to an olive oil as there is to a fine wine. From Portugal, these gourmet olive oils are made from the finest hand-picked olives and transformed into a golden-green liquid gem.


Made by cold extraction your NEKTAR Extra Virgin Olive Oil is

recommended for fresh salads, grilled fish and  all Mediterranean food.


Grades help the consumer with the selection

Nektar Extra-Virgin Olive Oil


The commission of the European community has guidelines to be compiled, according to those the quality of an oil be determined must and/or specified, with which quality designations it in the o EC member states to be sold. These guidelines serve for the protection of the consumer. They are still more strictly calm to 1 September 2002 and/or starting from 1 November 2003.


Acidity: máx.: 0.4

Peroxid Value: (meq 02/Kg) max.: 20

Waxes (mg/Kg) max.: 250

K270 : max. 0.20

K232 : max. 2.50

Delta K : max. 0.01




Produced in Portugal



Mario Solinas International Awards

Gold Medal - 1º Place

Medium Mature Class


Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

"Herdade da Figueirinha"

Alentejo - Portugal

Olive Varieties:

Galega Vulgar, Cordovil de Serpa e Cobrançosa.


Produced in Portugal




Product Origin
Acidity (%)             0,4
Peróxyd (meq. O2 Kg -1)              13
K 232            1,73
K 270             0,1