Quinta do Ermízio

Vinho Verde

Dry Vinho Verde

The Grapes:

Quinta do Ermízio white vinho verde, is the result of a combination of the most important grapes varietals of vinho verde wich as Alvarinho, Loureiro and Trajadura.

The Wine:

Fruity and aromatic with intensive fresh fruits and apricot flavours. In the mouth it is an intense and balanced wine, very elegant and fresh, with a creamy feeling and good acidity.


Alcohol: 12,5%vol.

Varietals: Alvarinho 50% Loureiro 40% and Trajadura 10%

Bottle stopper: nature-cork




Quinta do Ermízio Vinho Verde

Contests CVRVV

1998 – Silver Medal

1999 – Gold Medal

2000 – Gold Medal and  Trophy  for the BEST VINHO VERDE

2002 – 1º Place

2004 – Verde de Honra (Recommend medal Vinho Verde)

2005 – Verde de Honra (Recommend medal Vinho Verde)

2006 – Verde de Honra (Recommend medal Vinho Verde)



This wine from the north of Portugal – Vinho Verde Region , with natural fermentation has only 12.5% alcohol. The correct wine for almost occasions this Vinho Verde Quinta do Ermízio,  fits ideally lean fish, sea fruits or also white meat .

As all Vinho Verde should enjoy you it well cooled, in order to emphasize its fuit aroma and  flavour.


The varietal Alvarinho grapes wich are present in this wine ( 50% ) is alloted with other  varietals  Loureiro ( 40% )  and Trajadura ( 10% ) giving origin to this wine.

It is a dry wine wich does not have the acidulous characteristics of most green wines. It is full-bodied wine, and excellent at the table to accompany fish, shellfish or Mediterranean food.

Quinta do Ermízio shares most of the characteristics of Alvarinho, and  was created to reflect the diversity and exceptional potential of the Portuguese Alvarinho, Loureiro and Trajadura  grapes, a quality tribute to the fine winemaking  of the Vinho Verde region.



Campo de Porral


Vinho Verde


The grape varieties: The Vinho Verde Campo do  Porral is a fresh wine made with two of the best grapes selections " Loureiro" 80% and “Trajadura” 20%.


The wine: Campo do Porral is a clear tasty white wine which is easy to drink by itself or would work with all sorts of fish dishes and salads.

Excellent refreshing wine at a reasonable price. The Vinho Verde Campo do Porral from Quinta do Ermízio is one the best in its kind, particularly because is full aromatic bouquet that comes from the blend of varieties Loureiro and Trajadura. The wine has a perfect freshness of citrus fruits and, floral notes.

In the mouth it is light fresh and shows beautiful fruit flavors, with well integrated acidity, it is marvelous easy and sounds great for long moments.

This is Spring in a glass!



Recommended drinking temperature: 8-10°C

Producer: Quinta DO Ermizio

Contents: 0,75l

Alcohol: 11%

Rebsorten: Loureiro and Trajadura.

Bottle stopper: nature-cork